Welcome to Transition Cafe

A Community for Conscious Professionals

We invite you and your guests to an informal mixer and group discussion on
the issue of our age – transition.
This is an opportunity to meet other conscious professionals, share experiences and discuss transitions. Come and chat and feast and meet with others learning and embracing change. Transition Cafes provide a relaxed and nurturing setting where you can join honest discussions about transition. And have your questions answered.
The event is Free and Open to all ages. Refreshments will be served.

Transition Cafe – COMING AGAIN IN 2015!

Bring Your Friends! 

Do you know anyone who is currently going through a major transition –

career, relationship, health or otherwise –

or who is simply looking to enhance their quality of life?

 Invite them to join you at a Transition Cafe! Space is Limited.

Let us know your interested & we will put you on the Early Bird List.

Simply Email: Rebecca@TheNextYou.com

“Great to share collective strategies to cope with transition.”

-Jeremy Gordon

“Great dialogue with smart, experienced adults.”

-Phil Glosserman

“Inspiring to see others in parallel transitions with such positive attitudes and eagerness for the future.”

-Victor Long





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This is your opportunity to step forward in any “slice of life” you choose. At the beginning of the program, you’ll select one area of your life you want to enhance during the 3-month program. We guarantee your life will never be the same. You’ll learn how the GAPzip System, with its many processes and tools, will help you create the success you desire and deserve.

You’ll learn new creative ways of thinking and create your plan for moving forward. Then, you’ll explore how to implement your plan and overcome the inner resistance and outer obstacles that have held you back in the past.

Plus, you’ll have a “buddy” for fun, feedback and support. It’s so easy to accomplish goals when you’re not on your own. You’ll also have community support, with Groups & Forums on important topics, which will help you keep moving forward and having fun. Invite your friends to join with you. In fact, you can bring along your work team, too! You’ll meet new friends and get a lot of ideas and encouragement all along the way.

“I never met such dynamically different guys. It’s like having 2 mentors (or the 2 halves of my brain!) in the same room. They really are a miraculous team.”

– Katina Hubbard, film producer

“I’m way too busy to spend time on anything that doesn’t provide me with valuable benefits. This workshop may have given me clarity on what meant the most to me and a way to achieve those things.”

– Doug Gewelke, CEO, retail jewelry business

“I still can’t believe that my complex challenges were addressed by a system so simple. I guess all great stuff is simple.”

– Dana Terrell, health professional

Preview of Course Topics:



The GAPzip Personal Strengths Assessment

A couple of weeks before each program, you’ll receive our Personal Strengths Assessment, which you’ll fill out and email back to us. It will take about an hour to complete the assessment. This gives us insight into your skills, thinking patterns, and what you want to get out of the program. You are unique, and knowing the members of each group allows us to design our customized webinars to address your individual needs. 

Online Learning

You’ll enjoy our cutting-edge learning environment. It’s different from any webinars and online learning you’ve done before. It’s fun, easy and interactive, and allows you to understand and practice in exciting new ways. The learning modules have been designed by leading learning experts who understand various learning styles and how different individuals learn.


 The Support You Need

GAPzip Personal Consulting is a dynamic interactive relationship that has helped clients to generate desired results for decades. 

In fact, we guarantee our results. This curriculum is identical to the subjects covered in our personal consulting dialogues. You’ll receive the identical information that our consulting clients get, but at only a fraction of the cost. 

A personal coach can make a huge difference in your life. We designed this program to include both personal and virtual support. Andrew & Craig will be with you every step – via videos, audios, webinars, plus optional personal consulting along the way. You’ll also be assigned a “buddy” to support your learning. You’ll also be enrolled in groups and forums, where you can learn the GAPzip methods in groups, plus share your creative ideas while you learn. It’s not only fun. This direct collaboration will motivate you, keep you on track, plus it provides valuable accountability that will make it easier to complete assignments and homework.

Track Your Progress

Throughout the program, you’ll take fun quizzes and fun feedback exercises to make sure you’re learning what you need to achieve your goals. Whether through an introspection chart, your journal, or some tracking measure, you’ll know where you are and how you’re doing.




The great thing about online learning is that it can be done any time anywhere. You can learn at home, at work, and whenever convenient. If you can’t make a live webinar, you can download it and hear it whenever you want. You can review MP3’ in your car and participate on your own schedule. Each week introduces a new program that will help you keep moving ever closer to your goals. 

Personal Clients Include

Brent Bison – Director of American Express

Suzie Amis Cameron – education visionary, actress, environmentalist

Dr. Paul Dougherty – Southern California’s leading ophthamologist

Lani Netter – documentary film maker, sustainable clothing pioneer

Amin Guindi Lopata – CEO, international manufacturing conglomerate

Brian Theiss – health & fitness consultant to CEOs & Olympic athletes

Bobi Leonard – television host, interior designer and philanthropist




Bring a Friend.

Who do you know in a major transition in career, relationship, health…or simply wants more life balance?

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