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Andrew & Craig

Meet The Innovator & The Monk

Andrew Papageorge has lead hundreds of innovations across the globe and been a pioneer in the science of innovation. Craig Marshall was a yoga monk for 35 years. His visionary work has awakened thousands around the world. Together, The Innovator & The Monk have have worked with over 250,000 people, supporting both professional innovation and personal growth.

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Learn The Three Essential Strengths for Inner and Outer Success. Andrew & Craig spent 35 years researching those rare people who achieved complete life success. Author Michael Beckwith wrote, Never before has a master innovator partnered with a yoga monk to offer such a skillful formula for success.                                                      

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Online Learning Program

Transitions: The Next You is a unique learning experience designed for individuals in transition (career, relationship, life-balance, etc.). This collaborative learning experience requires only an hour per week, and has helped participants around the world to reach their professional and personal goals.                                                                              

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